Two firefighters with fireproof clothing using a hose

Happy Firefighter Day!

On Tuesday, July 2, the Firefighter Day is celebrated. At Citrosuco, the team comprises approximately 240 employees at the Araras, Catanduva, Matão, Limeira and Santos Units. The teams rely on equipment such as fire fighting vehicles, ambulances, fire hydrants and alarm systems.


Check out the Firefighters’ duties:


  • Know the units’ fire emergency plan and put the established basic procedures into practice
  • Evaluate current risks
  • Inspect firefighting and first aid equipment, as well as escape routes
  • Prepare a report on irregularities found
  • Guide the permanent and temporary population


Once a year, two emergency drills take place that include the complete evacuation of all areas and the participation of all employees.


Arte com foto de bombeiros e texto breve sobre prevenção de acidentes e preservação de vidas.