About us

From Brazil to the world

We are a 100% Brazilian company and cover more than 100 countries in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. We produce 100% natural juice and take full advantage of the oranges we process. Citrosuco is in charge of growth, production and delivery and has become the largest orange juice producer in the world. We have grown in a sustainable way and contribute to people’s health, quality of life and well-being.

  • Commercial

    7 offices around the world: Brazil, USA, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Japan and China.

  • Employees

    We employ 5,500 people, a number that exceeds 12,000 people during harvest.

  • Agriculture

    We own 28 farms. The 25 farms that are dedicated to orange production are all audited by external auditors.

  • Industry

    We run four plants that are located in Matão (SP) – the largest orange juice processing plant worldwide – Catanduva (SP), Araras (SP) and Lake Wales (FL) USA.

  • Logistics

    We operate 5 maritime terminals located in Santos (Brazil), Wilmington (USA), Gent (Belgium), Toyohashi (Japan) and Newcastle (Australia) and own 5 dedicated and 1 multicargo vessels.

  • World

    We own 20% of the global market share and account for 40% of all orange juice produced and exported by Brazil.

Higher Purpose

Providing fruit-based foods that support a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.

Future Vision

We aim to be the best natural fruit juice and ingredients company of the global food industry.


  • Green world


    Environmental, social and economic.

  • dart on the target

    Value Creation:

    Focus on results.

  • Scales


    Reliability, transparency, respect and ethics.

  • Health shield

    Health & Safety:

    healthy and safe work environment.

  • Light on


    In constant search of opportunities that lie beyond available resources; permanent non-conformism.

  • Hand with raised thumb


    Appreciation and development of people; recognition based on performance.


Get to know all the steps, up to your table!



  1. Plant

    1) Production of seedlings

    The right combination in seedling production ensures their quality, resistance and productivity. This is the first step to a successful orchard.

  2. Shovel digging

    2) Soil preparation

    Roots grow in search of water and nutrients. A fertile soil sustains strong, healthy trees.

  3. Hand holding plant

    3) Planting and cultivation

    We plant the seedlings, our new generations of orchards, in especially prepared soil.

  4. Plant

    4) Sustainable Orchard Management

    We take care of orchards in balance with nature. With ethics and responsibility, we perform nutrition, pruning, irrigation, disease and pest control, among other types of cultural practices that enhance the results of our work.

  5. Sliced orange

    5) Harvest

    Our oranges are harvested fruit by fruit, every plot at the right time.

  6. Truck

    6) Farm-to-factory transport

    The oranges are loaded into trucks and transported from the farms to our plants. Many other producers also support us by supplying raw materials.



  1. Box being carried

    7) Unloading

    Fruits are unloaded, selected, washed and sorted.

  2. Clock with time running

    8) Processing

    The orange juice is extracted, filtered and pasteurized. Oil is also extracted from the peels. Bagasse, peels and seeds are used to produce specific ingredients. Every part of our oranges can be used!

  3. Boxes

    9) Storage

    Before they are dispatched, the juice and ingredients are stored carefully according to the recommendations for each type of juice to preserve their quality.


Logistics and Distribution

  1. Truck

    10) Ground transportation

    Made by trucks. Most of our orange juice is exported, but a smaller part is sold on the domestic market.

  2. Ship

    11) Santos Maritime Terminal

    That’s where our juice leaves for the world.

  3. Planet

    12) Sea transportation and overseas terminals

    Citrosuco’s fleet counts five vessels that transport orange juice to our terminals in Gent (Belgium), Wilmington (USA), Newcastle (Australia) and Toyohashi (Japan).

  4. Silhouette

    13) Delivery to customers

    As soon as it arrives at the terminals, the orange juice is delivered to customers.

  5. Glass of juice

    14) In the hands of consumers

    People from over 100 countries consume Citrosuco’s orange juice.

  6. Sliced orange

    15) A wide range of applications

    Orange ingredients are used in many types of industries, ranging from pharmaceutics to perfumery. What Citrosuco produces reaches a huge number of people!


We make it happen now and focus on the future

Building our history has made us a great and representative company in the global market of orange juice and ingredients.


Risk Management, Code of Conduct and Compliance

Our governance model requires us to act in an ethical and transparent way, to respect people, the community, the law and to focus on creating sustainable value.