From Brazil to the world

We are a company 100% Brazilian in origin, and we have reached over 100 countries in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. We produce 100% natural juice and use 100% of the orange.

We cultivate, produce, deliver and, thus, we are one of the largest companies in the world, growing sustainably and contributing to better health, quality of life, and well-being for people.


Seven offices around the world: Brazil, USA, Belgium, Japan, Australia, Austria, and China.


We have 5,500 employees, reaching more than 12,000 during the harvesttime.


We have 28 farms. The 25 farms dedicated to orange production are all externally audited.


We have four plants, which are in Brazil and in the United States. The American plant is in Lake Wales, in the state of Florida, and the other three Brazilian plants are in the state of São Paulo in the cities of Catanduva, Araras, and Matão – the latter being the largest orange juice processing plant in the world.


We have five maritime terminals, which are in Santos (Brazil), Wilmington (USA), Gent (Belgium), Toyohashi (Japan), and Newcastle (Australia). We have five dedicated ships and one multi-cargo vessel.


Brazil has a 20% share of the global market and exports 40% of all orange juice produced in the world.

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Major Purpose

To provide fruit-based foods for a healthier and more energetic life.

Future Vision

To be the best natural fruit juice and ingredients company in the global food industry.



Environmental, social, and economical.

Value generation

Focus on results.


Appreciation and development of people; acknowledgment for performance.


Reliability, transparency, respect, and ethics.

Security and Health

Safe and healthy work environment.


Constantly in search to explore opportunities, in addition to available resources, permanent nonconformity.


Risk Management, Code of Conduct and Compliance

Our governance model works in an ethical and transparent manner, respecting people, communities, legislation, and it is focused on generating sustainable value.

Ethical and transparent management
Relatório de Sustentabilidade

Value Chain

Seedling production

The right combination in the production of seedlings is what guarantees their quality, strength, and productivity. It is the first step to a successful orchard.

Soil Preparation

Roots grow deeper in search of water and nutrients. A fertile soil supports strong, healthy trees.

Sustainable management of orchards

We take care of orchards ethically and responsibly. We carry out nutrition, pruning, irrigation, pest, and disease control, among other farming practices.

Planting and Cultivation

On the soil that has been prepared and fertilized, we plant our seedlings, our new generations of orchards.


Orange by orange, each plot in its moment, our fruits are harvested.

Farm-to-factory transport

Our oranges are loaded and transported from farms to factories. Many producers also help in supplying the raw material for our business.


Upon arrival at the factory, the fruits are unloaded, selected, washed, and sorted.


The juice is extracted, filtered, and pasteurized. The oil from the peel is also extracted. The pomace, peel and seeds are sent to the manufacture of specific ingredients. Every part of the orange is used!


Until they are transported, the juice and ingredients are carefully stored, according to the recommendations for each type of juice, always aiming at quality.

Santos Maritime Terminal

From our factories to the world

Land transport

It is carried out by trucks, and a large part of our juice goes for export whereas a portion of it is sold internally.

Maritime transport and terminals abroad

Our fleet is made up of five ships and they carry our production to the terminals in Gent (Belgium), Wilmington (United States), Newcastle (Australia), and Toyohashi (Japan).

Customer delivery

From the terminals, our production is delivered to customers.

Various applications

The orange ingredients are used in various types of industries. Thus, we can say that what is produced at Citrosuco reaches a countless number of people!

In the hands of the consumer

People from more than 100 countries consume Citrosuco's juice.



We make it happen, focusing on the future

The construction of our history has led us to be a company with great representativeness in the world market for juice and ingredients originating from oranges.

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