Values ​​and Purpose Message

We continually seek sustainable partnerships that contribute to value generation. We encourage our suppliers to deliver quality under competitive commercial conditions, while respecting their legal obligations, the environment, people, and the diversity of the regions in which they operate.

One of Citrosuco’s values ​​is integrity, and the company reiterates its commitment to ethics, transparency, laws, and regulations in force with all those with whom it has relationships, based on objective criteria and without discrimination in the evaluation of third parties.

It is an essential condition for hiring that employees, customers, suppliers, partners, government or private agents, located in Brazil and abroad, know and apply the guidelines provided for in our policies and Code of Conduct.

Should you have any doubt, suggestion, or report of possible breach of the Code of Conduct, we recommend that you access Citrosuco’s Channel of Conduct. The information received is treated confidentially, securely, and impartially.


Our suppliers have their own communication space with the company: SAP’s Ariba Portal, a specific system for negotiations with Citrosuco.

Through Ariba, it is possible to exchange documents via the Internet, access data, and register new suppliers, among other features. The system brings greater confidence, agility, traceability, and efficiency to our business.

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Together for a better citrus farming industry

Fruit Suppliers

Hello producer!

If you are interested in being our partner in the supply of fruit for our industry, please contact one of our regional offices and we will be happy to help you in this process.

Get to know the Trilhar Program and access the Citrus Farmer’s Portal and the ProteCitrus list.

The Citrosuco Fruit Supply team is at your disposal!

Citrus Farmer's Portal

The Citrus Farmer’s Portal is a tool created by Citrosuco, linked to the new SAP 4 Hana, in which you can make your biweekly reports of orchard spraying and access important information about your business, such as financial statements and receipt of fruit in our industries.

The Portal is more practical, dynamic and can be accessed by your mobile. Click here to access your Citrus Farmer’s Portal.

If you have not yet requested your registration or have any questions, please contact us via email ( or by WhatsApp (+55 16 99752-3860).

Access the Citrus Farmer's Portal here

Regional office contacts:

Central: +55 16 3383-8524
North: +55 17 3531-6128
South: +55 19 3321-6060

Trilhar Program

A support program to increase social, environmental and production practices in the fruit supply chain of third-party producers. Click here and learn more about our Program.

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ProteCitrus — Produtos para Proteção da Citricultura (Citriculture Protection Products) replaces the former PIC List. With its reformulation, the new model is no longer just an indication list of agricultural pesticides, but it raises its status to a voluntary program in the industry for the protection of citriculture, expanding the requirements for the registration of a product on the list and anticipating trends and regulations of the various international markets.

ProteCitrus is made up of a committee, made up of research institutes, consultants and juice producing industries, which meets periodically for analysis and updates. The objective is to connect the citrus farmer with the demands of governments and customers in view of the global demand for food production with the least possible environmental impact, further improving the sustainable techniques practiced in Brazilian citriculture.
(Source: Fundecitrus)