At Citrosuco, we value diversity, initiative and people’s potential. Our staff comprises more than 5,500 employees – a number that exceeds 12,000 people during harvest – who operate in different locations and contexts in Brazil and abroad.

The four pillars of our corporate culture illustrate our way of being. They are the practical manifestation of the company’s values ​​and permeate the attitudes and initiatives of all our employees.

  • Challenge

    Challenge the status quo by taking initiative and critical thinking, turning ideas and knowledge into actions that lead to high performance.

  • Integrate

    Work in an integrated, collaborative and synergistic way, aligning processes to achieve common goals.

  • Acknowledge

    Value ​​people and the importance of their work, invests in their development and acknowledge their contributions in a fair way.

  • Anticipate

    Citrosuco follows the pace of the markets, analyzing trends and anticipating customer and consumer needs.


People Management and Development

  • We see diversity as a form of growth. That’s why we created Para Todos, our diversity program. We aim to value the potential of people and to highlight the best everyone has to offer. We develop actions in our daily lives that build an increasingly inclusive and more diverse company.

  • #semear is Citrosuco’s Internship Program. It offers opportunities to young talent who want to start their professional career in a multinational company. One of the most important starting opportunities for young professionals, it offers vacancies in the Agricultural, Industrial and Administrative areas. The selection process takes place once a year.

  • This development program is aimed at leaders. It strengthens the behaviors of our culture pillars, reiterates company values ​​and teaches leaders how to focus on people development.

  • This development program was designed to benefit the agricultural area. It offers two major training programs: Supervisor School and Harvest Leader Development.


  • Do it differently, do it better.

    Here, innovation is more than welcome. INOVA, an Individual Ideas Program, invites all employees to share their ideas on new possibilities and improvements that could benefit Citrosuco. The best ideas are acknowledged and considered for implementation. In addition to INOVA, we engage and encourage our leaders and employees in developing a Culture of Innovation by putting into practice all our company culture pillars.

Health & Safety

  • Logo: Always Safe

    Always Safe – Think, Feel, Act

    Health & Safety are among Citrosuco’s most important values. We promote a safe environment based on procedures, training and other initiatives that aim to engage our employees in safe behavior inside and outside the company.


    We believe that a change in behavior is directly connected with the way we think and feel about safety and thus rely on the Always Safe – Think, Feel, Act Program to meet those goals. Based on the Hearts & Minds methodology, the Program helps us develop our safety culture and turn it into a habit.


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